Contact: Kristin Syverud

Special cellulose from Laminaria hyperborea for high-value applications, produced according to pharmaceutical standard


Laminaria hyperborea (Lh.) is a unique macroalgae that contains many interesting components, including cellulose.

In the Cellunor project, the macroalgae will be further processed through chemical and/or mechanical methods for production of specialty cellulose, as well as complexes with other biopolymers. The project further focuses on testing and developing applications and solutions for the use of developed materials, among other to replace plastic-based and petrochemical products. The project lays the foundation for significant and sustainable value-creation through the production of specialty cellulose from kelp.

cellulose from Laminaria hyperborea

Research partners and funding:

Research partners

Project owner: Alginor

Innovation partner: RISE PFI


The Research Council of Norway and Alginor


Project periode: 2023 – 2025