This week, RISE PFI are in Girona, attending the Nanocelia workshop and CIADICYP congress. We are going to give the following talks:

CIADICYP – Biocomposites session: “Influence of compounding parameters on the tensile properties and fibre dispersion of injection moulded polylactic acid (PLA) and TMP fibre biocomposites”, presented by Chiara Zarna from RISE PFI.

CIADICYP – Biocomposites session: “The effects of biocomposite formulations on the mechanical properties and 3D printability of filaments for fused deposition modelling”, presented by Sandra Rodríguez-Fabià from RISE PFI.

Nanocelia: “Nanocelulosa – La pequeña gigante en el área biomédica” (In spanish), Gary Chinga Carrasco. Read more about a relevant topic here: