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Philip André Reme
Managing Director

Degree: Dr. ing. Chemical Engineering.

Activities: Management, initiation of new projects, legal matters, participation in project steering groups.

Main research focus: Mechanical pulping and new biobased materials.

Email: philip.reme@rise-pfi.no

Phone: +47 922 46 537

Arild Blakstad
Administration and financial manager

Activities: Administration, HR and finances.

Email: arild.blakstad@rise-pfi.no

Phone: +47 930 44 552

Kristin Syverud
Research Manager

Degree: Dr. ing.

Area: Nanocellulose and Carbohydrate Polymers

Activities: Production, characterization, chemical modification and applications of nanocellulose.

Email: kristin.syverud@rise-pfi.no

Phone: +47 959 03 740

Øyvind Eriksen
Laboratory Manager

Degree: PhD

Activities: Paper physics, production of paper and application of nanocellulose in paper. Competence in chemical and physical properties of fibre based products. Project manager of the COMPETENCE project.

Email: oyvind.eriksen@rise-pfi.no

Phone: +47 452 14 106

Eva Kvernes Rygg
Administration consultant

Degree: Graphic designer and engineer

Activities: Administration, graphic design and chemical analysis

Email: eva.kvernes.rygg@rise-pfi.no

Phone: +47 466 14 337


Sandra R. Fabià
Research Scientist

Degree: Phd

Activities: Production and characterization of nanocellulose. Competence in polymer chemistry and surface and colloid chemistry.

Email: sandra.fabia@rise-pfi.no

Phone: 47 932 36 247


Jost Ruwoldt
Research Scientist

Degree: PhD in Chemical Engineering

Activities: Colloid and polymer science, lignosulfonates, paraffin waxes and wax inhibition, biomass conversion.

E-mail: jost.ruwoldt@rise-pfi.no
Phone: +47 916 98 245

Marianne Ø. Dalheim
Research Scientist

Degree: PhD in Biotechnology

Acitivities: Conversion of lignocellulosic biomass into biochemicals and materials. Competence in biopolymer chemistry, chemical and enzymatic modification of polysaccharides and characterization of structural and material properties of polysaccharides. 

E-mail: marianne.dalheim@rise-pfi.no

Phone: +47 922 58 362

Jennifer Zehner
Research Scientist

Degree: PhD in Biophysics

Acitivities: Competence in microscale characterization and testing of material properties of polymers, biopolymers, and nanocomposite materials.

E-mail: jennifer.zehner@rise-pfi.no

Phone: +47 465 08 927

Gary Chinga Carrasco
Senior Research Scientist

Degree: Dr. ing.

Focus area: Biocomposites

Activities: Coordination and management of multidisciplinary projects, working with production of ultrapure nanocellulose, characterization and application in biomedical research and development. Lead scientist in the topics biocomposites and 3D printing, and with close cooperation with industry and R&D groups.

Email: gary.chinga.carrasco@rise-pfi.no

Phone: +47 908 36 045

LinkedIn: no.linkedin.com/in/garychingacarrasco/

Kai Toven
Senior Research Scientist

Degree: Dr. ing.

Activities: Lead scientist Biorefining and bioenergy. Working within bioenergy, biofuels and biorefining since 2005. Project leader for industry oriented projects within thermochemical conversion of biomass by fast pyrolysis and torrefaction.

E-mail: kai.toven@rise-pfi.no

Phone: +47 952 11 704

Javier Celaya-Romeo
Research Scientist

Degree: PhD

Activities: Research into thermochemical processes, biofuels and bioenergy. Pyrolysis of biomass. Commissioning and operation of experimental pilot plants. Characterisation of biofuels.

E-mail: javier.celaya@rise-pfi.no

Phone: +47 481 51 522

Andreas Lyng Nenningsland
Research Scientist

Degree: PhD in Chemical Engineering

Activities: Research into production and recycling of building materials. Production and characterization of nanocellulose from mechanical pulp and residual streams from food productions.

E-mail: andreas.nenningsland@rise-pfi.no

Phone: +47 971 73 598

Eva Pasquier
Research Scientist

Degree: PhD

Activities: Preparation and characterization of biobased colloids. Development of fiber materials for packaging applications.

E-mail: eva.pasquier@rise-pfi.no

Phone:  +47 475 19 520

Cornelis van der Wijst
Master of Science

Degree: MSc. Chemistry

Activities: Research into thermochemical processes and biorefining. Pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass and waste streams. Pyrolysis equipment development and process optimalisation. Biocarbon engineering.

E-mail: cornelis.vanderwijst@rise-pfi.no

Phone: +47 904 79 803

Mihaela T. Opedal
Senior Research Scientist

Degree: PhD

Activities: Project leader for biorefinery projects: pretreatment and fractionation of lignocellulosic biomass, lignin conversion to value-added products and materials, production of fermentable sugars to protein from lignocellulose biomass. Process water chemistry and surface and colloid chemistry with application in pulp and paper industry.

E-mail: mihaela.opedal@rise-pfi.no

Phone: +47 918 79 630

Fredrik Heen Blindheim
Postdoctoral researcher

Degree: PhD in Organic Chemistry

Activities: Research into chemical modifications of biopolymers via organic synthetic methodologies.

E-mail: Fredrik.heen.blindheim@rise-pfi.no

Phone: +47 90529136

Chiara Zarna
Master of Science

Degree: Dipl.-Ing. Mechanical Engineering (in progress: PhD in Mechanical Engineering)

Activities: Production and characterization of biocomposites, Computer-aided design and Finite Element Analysis. Competence in (Bio)-composite and textile engineering.

E-mail: chiara.zarna@rise-pfi.no

Phone: +47 918 46 789

Amalie Solberg
Research Scientist

Degree: PhD

Activities: Competence in biopolymer chemistry. Research into chemically modified polysaccharides, and polysaccharide-containing materials.

E-mail: amalie.solberg@rise-pfi.no

Phone: +47 466 12 275


Ingebjørg Leirset
Senior Engineer

Degree: Cand. mag.

Activities: Chemical analysis.

Email: ingebjorg.leirset@rise-pfi.no

Phone: +47 466 12 104

Anne Marie Reitan
Senior Engineer

Degree: Enigineer

Activities: Chemical analysis

Email: anne.reitan@rise-pfi.no

Phone: +47 995 39 950

Berit Leinsvang
Senior Engineer

QA engineer

Activities: Structural, physical and optical characterization of pulp and paper, including standard laboratory equipment and SEM. Responsible for internal audits, quality assurance (QA), and health, safety and environment (HSE) areas at PFI.

E-mail: berit.leinsvang@rise-pfi.no

Phone: +47 977 07 644

Kenneth Aasarød
Senior Engineer

Degree: Bachelor Chemical Engineering

Activities and responsibilities: Thermogravimetric analysis including differential scanning calorimetry, thermal and physical properties of fiber based products and biocomposites, 3D-printing, production and characterization of nanocellulose, SEM

E-mail: kenneth.aasarod@rise-pfi.no

Phone: +47 996 08 953

Steinar Seehuus
Laboratory Technician

Degree: Laboratory technician

Activities: Various types of analysis in the laboratory. General maintenance of laboratories and equipment

Email: steinar.seehuus@rise-pfi-no

Phone: +47 916 20 386

Johnny K. Melbø
Laboratory Technician

Degree: Laboratory technician

Activities: General maintenance of laboratories and equipment. Also performing various types of analysis in the laboratory

Email: johnny.melbo@rise-pfi.no

Phone: +47 466 12 093

Kristin Stensønes

Activities: Laboratory work, different analysis, sheet forming, viscosity measurements and contact angle.

E-mail: kristin.stensones@rise-pfi.no

Phone: +47 958 93 998

Marita Dørdal Helgheim

Degree: Bachelor – Food Technology

Activities: Chemical analysis

E-mail: marita.dordal.helgheim@rise-pfi.no

Phone: +47 916 40 538

RISE PFI is part of RISE - Research Institutes of Sweden

RISE PFI is and internationally acknowledged research institute within processes and products based on lignocellulose. RISE PFI´s focus areas are Fibre technology and fibre-based products, Biorefining and Bioenergy and Biopolymers and Biocomposites.



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