Recent advances in cellulose nanotechnology research

RISE PFI has the pleasure to organize the conference Recent advances in cellulose nanotechnology research in Trondheim, Norway 05 – 06 October 2022. This is the 8th seminar in a successful series of biannual meetings held since 2006. The program can be downloaded...

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Oxygenated bioPolymers for biomedical applications

Optimized wound dressings that can maintain a prolonged moist environment, with adequate mechanical properties in moist conditions, targeted antibacterial activity, as well as a barrier against wound bacteria. These are the characteristics of the oxygenated...

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Sustainable and local alternative protein raw materials

Through the processing of forest-based biomass, a single-cell protein (SCP) can be produced  and included as a central component in fish feed. Forest-based biomass consists of cellulose (45%), hemicellulose (25%) and lignin (30%). In biorefining, the carbohydrates can...

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PhD defence 

Congratulations to our colleague Amalie Solberg! Amalie had an excellent presentation and defence of her doctoral thesis on Friday 18th! Amalie carried out the PhD work “Self-assembling alginate-based diblock polymers” at the Department of Biotechnology and Food...

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Woodcast – Wood waste as a resource

Norway produces almost one million tonnes of wood waste annually, and almost everything is burned today. But the EU requires 55% recycling by 2030. How do we get there? In this podcast you will hear about how Lars Johansson thinks we get there. Lars Johansson is a...

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Award to Dr. Gary Chinga Carrasco at RISE PFI

Dr. Gary Chinga Carrasco has been awarded the 2021 TAPPI Nanotechnology Division Mid-Career Award for his research contributions related to the nanotechnology of renewable materials and contributions to the technical community. The award was announced during the TAPPI...

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Podcast about bioeconomy in practice, with Lars Johansson

NaturviterPODDEN - a podcast for scientists:NaturviterPODDEN wants to get to know people who talk about professional questions they are passionate about. They also address questions that are important and relevant in the union of scientists. This episode gives an...

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RISE PFI is part of RISE - Research Institutes of Sweden

RISE PFI is and internationally acknowledged research institute within processes and products based on lignocellulose. RISE PFI´s focus areas are Fibre technology and fibre-based products, Biorefining and Bioenergy and Biopolymers and Biocomposites.



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