Biobased foam

Biobased foams can have useful properties for several applications

Formation of foams in the traditional pulp and paper industry has historically been viewed as a problem, and there are many publications on foam control.

Biobased foams can also have useful properties for several applications. The objective in this project is to use existing knowledge on biobased foam formation in lab or pilot scale to evaluate the potential for commercializing a product based on foaming water with wood fibers and a dispersing agent. The applications to be evaluated include heat and sound insulation, mechanical protection of fragile goods, and protection of spruce plants against snout beetle attacks.

Biobased foam

Research partners and funding:

Research partners

RISE PFI will work as innovation partner to regional industry companies. Relevant industry partners can be providers of raw material or end users of the biobased foam


The project is funded by Trøndelag Fylkeskommune, through the project “SkogLØFTET – Skogklyngen Trøndelag”


Project period: 2019 – 2022