Wood fiber-based construction products manufactured by a wet process

The “Bioboard“-project will develop sustainable wood fiber-based windproof boards based on wet forming technology, to be produced at Hunton Fiber’s production site in Gjøvik. The fiber boards will consist of recycled raw material, thus strengthening Hunton Fiber’s contribution to a circular utilization of Norway’s natural resources. Improving the fire-technical properties is a key innovation in the project, in addition to the use of recycled material. Furthermore, the “BioBoard”-project will seek to develop a new binder for the windproof boards, as well as innovative solutions for energy efficiency, board durability and optimization of wood fiber properties.

RISE PFI will, together with RISE Fire Research be innovation partner for Hunton Fiber in the “Bioboard”-project.

A successful Project will result in the production of a fossil-free windproof board with a significant contribution to material recycling, and with better fire resistance properties and carbon footprint than current products.


Research partners and funding:

Research partners

Hunton Fiber is the project owner. RISE PFI and RISE Fire Research are innovation partners.


The “BioBoard”-project is partly funded by the Research Council of Norway through the research program “Industry and services”

Project periode: 2024- 2027