Contact: RISE-PFI

New CTMP fibre product

Finding new applications for mechanical pulp fibres is crucial when traditional markets, such as printing papers, are declining

Fibre-based packaging materials, such as paperboard, are among the predicted future growth areas. For the packaging sector functionalization and image improvement, healthy and green lifestyle, growing raw material prices, sustainability and renewable resources are listed among the key trends in expected global development.

In multiply paperboards, the top and bottom layers are commonly produced from chemical fibres (kraft pulp) with excellent strength and surface properties. The middle ply of the board is commonly made of bulky mechanical fibres, such as chemical-thermomechanical pulp (CTMP). The combination of these fibre types provides the product with both sufficient internal strength and good bending stiffness.

The underlying idea of the project is the development of a new and tailored CTMP fibre quality, that to some extent can substitute chemical fibres of higher price, and reduce the environmental load in packaging board applications.



The project is partly funded by the Research Council of Norway through the BIA program, and carried out in cooperation with an industrial partner during 2014.