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EcoSorb – A High-Performance Absorbent BioFibre for Fresh Food Packaging Applications 

Among Norwegian consumers there is a growing awareness for safe and healthy food, as well as environmental and resource-related aspects of food production, distribution and consumption.

During the past decade there has been a considerable increase in packaging waste. Increased material complexity has made handling and recycling of large volumes of non-biodegradable waste ever more challenging. Tailored and optimized packaging solutions based on sustainable raw materials – and especially the transition from plastic to cellulose-based materials – has gained increasing focus, and the market for safe and biodegradable food packaging systems is expected to grow rapidly.

The EcoSorb project aimed at developing innovative, functional and ecological packaging solutions, and thereby reduced use of fossil resources. Norway has large biomass resources, and the forest-based value chain is of significant importance in many rural areas in Norway.

The overall project goal was to commercialize an absorbent pad for packaging of fresh food items, based on bio-fibres from Norwegian forests. All newly developed materials were to comply with legislative requirements for food contact materials, and consumer safety and product quality was to be maintained. The project was also expected to contribute to renewed interests for logging and new bio-based industrial production, and thereby to Norwegian value creation.

Research partners and funding:

Research partners

Project consortium: MM Karton FollaCell (project owner) and RISE PFI (R&D and project management).


The EcoSorb project was partly funded by the Research Council of Norway.

Project periode: 2017- 2020