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Recycling of demolition wood at Retura IR

Demolition wood from the central Norway region

Retura IR receives annually close to 60 000 tons of demolition wood from the central Norway region. The majority is used for incineration, and only a small fraction for particle boards. Demolition wood comes with significant challenges related to required specifications for sand, metal, and fines content.

The focus in this project is to utilize several analytical methods to document the most important impurities, which will enable Retura and customers to better evaluate their demolition wood in other products. Quality improvements in the demolition wood will also strengthen Retura’s position in the particle board market nationally and internationally.

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News in this project

Woodcast – Wood waste as a resource

Norway produces almost one million tonnes of wood waste annually, and almost everything is burned today. But the EU requires 55% recycling by 2030....

Research partners and funding:

Research partners

The project is led by Retura Innherred Renovasjon as the industrial partner, while RISE PFI is the research partner.


The project is funded by Trøndelag Fylkeskommune through DistriktForsk


Project period: 2021 – 2022