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Physical and optical testing

Contact: Øyvind Eriksen

Accredited testing of physical and optical properties of pulp and paper

RISE PFI strives to offer the broadest range of analyses to the traditional pulp and paper industry, including analyses of wood chips, pulp and paper.  We have a well-equipped laboratory and provides analyses of most properties relevant for today’s pulp and paper industry. As the only accredited research institute in Norway working with pulp and paper, highly accurate and reliable measurements are guaranteed.


properties of pulp and paper
Selected equipment
  • Air laid hand sheet former
  • FibreXpress (pressability studies) – Voith
  • Dynamic Absorption and Contact Angle Tester, FIBRO DAT 112
  • Climate chamber, Termaks KB8000F
  • Chip classifier – Laboratory (L&W)
  • Chip classifier – Industrial (Vibrator A/S)

Selected methods

Wood and chips
Wood chips – SamplingSCAN-CM 41
Wood chips – Dry matter contentSCAN-CM 39
Wood chips – Size distributionSCAN-CM 40
Wood chips – Bark contentSCAN-CM 42
Wood chips – Basic densitySCAN-CM 43
Wood chips – Bulk densitySCAN-CM 46
Wood chips – Thickness and thickness distributionSCAN-CM 47
Wood chips – Length and width distributionSCAN-CM 48
Wood chips – Fibre dimensions – MacerationInternal RISE PFI method
Fibre and pulp
Dry matter contentISO 638
Stock concentrationISO 4119
Fibre fractionation – Bauer McNettSCAN-CM 6
Ash – Determination, 525°CISO 1762
Drainability – Schopper Riegler (SR)ISO 5267-1
Drainability – Canadian Standard Freeness (CSF)ISO 5267-2
Water Retention Value (WRV)SCAN-C 62
Fibre dimensions (FiberTester Plus)Internal RISE PFI method
Brightness – Laboratory sheetsISO 3688
Shive content (PFI Minishives)SCAN-M 13
Laboratory beating – PFI mill methodISO 5264-2
Lab sheets for physical testing – Conventional sheet formerISO 5269-1
Lab sheets for physical testing – Dynamic sheet formerInternal RISE PFI method
Lab sheets for physical testing – Rapid KöthenISO 5269-2
Laboratory sheets – ISO BrightnessISO 3688
Water absorption pulpInternal RISE PFI method
Fluff pulp
    Nit contentInternal RISE PFI method
    Absorption under loadInternal RISE PFI method
    Paper and board
    Structural properties:
    Basis weightISO 536*
    Thickness and densityISO 534*
    Moisture content – oven drying methodISO 287
    Ash – Determination, 525°CISO 1762
    Ash – Determination, 900°CISO 2144
    PPS Print-surf method (air leak method)ISO 8791-4*
    Bendtsen (air leak method)ISO 8791-2
    Air permeance and air resistance, GurleyISO 5636-5*
    Gloss, LehmannSCAN-P 80
    Conductivity, aqueous extracts ISO 6587
    pH, aqueous extracts ISO 6588
    Ageing, accelerated, dry heat treatment at 105°C  ISO 5630-1
    Ageing, accelerated, dry heat treatment at 120 or 150°C  ISO 5630-4
    Hygroexpansivity, up to a maximum rel. humidity of 86 % ISO 8226-2
    Water vapour transmission rate (WVTR) ASTM E96/E96M-10
    Paper electrostatic properties (JCI instrument) Internal RISE PFI method
    Optical properties:
    Brightness ISO 2470*
    Opacity ISO 2471
    Light scattering and light absorption coefficients ISO 9416
    Color, (C/2°)  ISO 5631
    CIE-whiteness, (D65/10°), outdoor daylight ISO 11475
    CIE-whiteness, (C/2°), indoor illumination conditions ISO 11475
    Mechanical properties: 
    Tensile index (tøyning, TEA, stiffness) ISO 1924-2 and 3*
    Fracture toughness SCAN-P 77
    Tearing resistance, Elmendorf ISO 1974*
    Internal bond strength, Z-strength Tappi T 541
    Stiffness, resistance to bending  ISO 2493
    Stiffness, Taber Tappi T 489
    FrictionInternal RISE PFI method
    Absorption properties: 
    Water absorptiveness – Cobb methodISO 535 
    Contact angle, FibroDat 1100  Tappi T 558

    Physical and optical testing

    RISE PFI is part of RISE - Research Institutes of Sweden

    RISE PFI is and internationally acknowledged research institute within processes and products based on lignocellulose. RISE PFI´s focus areas are Fibre technology and fibre-based products, Biorefining and Bioenergy and Biopolymers and Biocomposites.



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