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Specialized equipment

Unique tools to meet industry demands of our focus areas


RISE PFI has a large focus on R&D related to production and utilisation of novel bio-based materials. Generic off the shelf equipment is important for this development, but to keep up with the research front, there is often a need to highly specialised equipment units. We have several unique, highly flexible, equipment units designed to mimic existing and yet to know processes. Although some of the units are targeted for a specific focus area and use, new combinations of units enable us to explore new and innovate processes for the bio-based industries.


tools to meet industry demands

Selected equipment

Fiber technology

Laboratory refining system – Metso
Low consistency refining (Claflin 01 conical refiner, 20-90ºC)
Screwpress for pulp washing, dewatering and fines concentration (SP 23)
Mobile hydrocyclone unit
Attisholz filter
Laboratory screen – Valmet TAP031
Laboratory pulp digester
Fluff pad former
MTS NIT counter (fluff pulp defibration measurement)

    Biorefining and bioenergy

    Pellets press, KAHL 14-175, 4 mm holes
    Pellet durability presses
    Equipment for producing pellets with high accuracy
    Fontijne Labpro 2000 laboratory press
    Hammer mill – Schutte Buffalo W-6-H
    Reactor – Torrefaction, Organosolvent (Parr)
    Calorimeter, Parr 6200.
    Displacement reactor system
    Pyrolysis process development unit
    Büchi, BEP280 reactor


    Masuko grinder
    Homogenizer – Rannie 15 type 12.56X
    Homogenizer – 2-stage, APV


    MFI (Melt flow index)
    Injection moulder for plastics
    Plastic extruder
    Plastic compunder (twin screw extruder)
    Taber abrasion tester
    Taber scratch tester
    Compact plastic shredder and recycler

    Specialized equipment

    RISE PFI is part of RISE - Research Institutes of Sweden

    RISE PFI is and internationally acknowledged research institute within processes and products based on lignocellulose. RISE PFI´s focus areas are Fibre technology and fibre-based products, Biorefining and Bioenergy and Biopolymers and Biocomposites.



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