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Structural characterization

Advanced depicting techniques and analysing tools for bio-based materials

RISE PFI has developed and applied advanced depicting techniques and analysing tools for 2D and 3D characterisation of a range of bio-based materials, including nanocellulose, biochar, fibre, paper and composite structures. Our characterization methods will facilitate improvements of the final products and a broader understanding of their properties.


analysing tools for bio-based materials
Selected equipment
  • Scanning electron microscopy
  • Ion milling system
  • Scanners and high-resolution cameras
  • Light microsocopy
  • Laser profilometry
  • Computerized image analysis

Selected methods

Fibre cross-sectional characteristicsPFI-method
Fibre external fibrillationPFI-method
Fibre surface structuresPFI-method


Paper structure
Dirt specksPFI-method
Optical formationPFI-method
Fibre orientation – Z-direction (splitting)PFI-method
Surface structure – filler spatial distribution.PFI-method


Paper cross-sectional analysis
Filler distribution in the z-directionPFI-method
Density distributionPFI-method
Fines distributionPFI-method
Coating structures
Coating structurePFI-method
Surface structurePFI-method


Dimensional stability
Print quality


Cold-set print quality.PFI-method
Half tone dot qualityPFI-method
Ink coveragePFI-method
Novel materials
Characterisation of nanocellulosePFI-method
Fibre-reinforced composite materialsPFI-method

Structural characteriztion

RISE PFI is part of RISE - Research Institutes of Sweden

RISE PFI is and internationally acknowledged research institute within processes and products based on lignocellulose. RISE PFI´s focus areas are Fibre technology and fibre-based products, Biorefining and Bioenergy and Biopolymers and Biocomposites.



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