New products with wood fibres that can replace plastics will be part of the solution. In WoodWorks! we will among other things develop new thermoformed products from wood fibres that can replace disposable packaging made of plastics or aluminium for salmon, meat, fruit and vegetables”

WoodWorks! is a continuation of the successful Arena Skog wood cluster, which over a three-year period has applied and received funding for more than 80 development projects for the forest- and wood industries in Trøndelag, many of them with RISE PFI as research partner. In the next five years the goal is to bring on solutions to the market that makes it possible to replace fossil and non-recyclable materials, resulting in a quadrupling of the yearly turnover in the forest and wood industry in Mid Norway. Part of the solution is to develop new sustainable products from wood fibres, a core expertise at RISE PFI. Lars Johansson, Lead Scientist Fibre and Paper at RISE PFI, will head the activities on new wood fibre-based products in WoodWorks!

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Lars Johansson, Project Leader Wood Fibre in WoodWorks! and Lead Scientist, Fibre technology and applications at RISE PFI