Through the processing of forest-based biomass, a single-cell protein (SCP) can be produced  and included as a central component in fish feed. Forest-based biomass consists of cellulose (45%), hemicellulose (25%) and lignin (30%). In biorefining, the carbohydrates can be separated from the lignin and broken down into sugar, which then can be fermented into feed protein.

Aiming for new alternative, local and sustainable feed raw materials, it will be important for the aquaculture, agriculture and forestry industry to develop new and innovative biorefinery processes that can enable future large-scale protein production in Norway.

The seminar “Norwegian solutions for circular bioeconomy” will be held 24 March 2022, discussing future large-scale protein industry in Norway. Organizers of the seminar are SINTEF Ocean, NIBIO, RISE PFI, Innovation Norway, the Research Council and Nord University.


Location: Steinkjer / web-based

Time: March 24, 2022 at 10-17.30