The “Fisk”-project has contributed to increase the interest in new sustainable feed sources – Single Cell Protein (SCP) from wood biomass. During the project period, the project team has been working with optimizing the process for production of fermentable sugars, protein production, cultivation, testing on fish, and business development. As an important result, Synergifabrikken is now in a process of establishing and formalizing a complete value chain for production of Single Cell Protein from wood biomass, for use in fish feed. 



The project was led by RISE Processum (Yvonne Söderström as project manager) and RISE PFI  (Mihaela Tanase as project manager). Synergifabrikken, Domsjö, Norrskog and WoodWorks! were  industrial partners.

The project was funded by  Interreg Sweden-Norway, Trøndelag County Municipality and Region Västernorrland.