The conference “Polymer-based materials today and in the future” was arranged by the Norwegian Chemical Society at Høsbjør 2 to 3 March 2023.

There were several interesting presentations from both Norwegian contributors and from abroad. From RISE PFI Kristin Syverud held the presentation “Nanocellulose in tissue engineering – effects of surface chemistry” where the interactions between nanocellulose grades with different surface chemistry and living cells were presented. This included results from the recently published article “Rashad, A., Grøndahl, M., Heggset, E.B., Mustafa, K., Syverud, K.: Responses of Rat Mesenchymal Stromal Cells to Nanocellulose with Different Functional Groups, ACS Appl. Bio Mater. 2023,


Kristin Syverud

Photo: Vegard Ottesen

Polymer-based materials

Bone Tissue engineering

Tissue engineering is about regeneration of damaged tissue in the body by help of stem cells from the patient and a scaffold that the cells can adhere to in addition to growth factors. RISE PFI works with development of nanocellulose as scaffold material. In Bone Tissue Engineering (BTE), 3D scaffolds (engineered biomaterials) loaded with stem cells are implanted into a patient’s damaged area to stimulate the natural bone-healing processes.

Recently, the 3D printing technology has been introduced to create scaffolds similar to the natural bone of the patient. The printing ink must be carefully designed to promote the cells development into the targeted tissue. Nanocellulose is an important and promising ingredient in the bioink and RISE PFI works with the development of nanocellulose grades suitable for this purpose.

By combining 3D printing technology, nanotechnology and stem cells, it may not be necessary to take a bone graft from another bone or search for a bone donor.


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