RISE PFI participates in a new European research project, where strong and dedicated European research groups and industry companies join forces to develop novel, sustainable packaging solutions.

REDYSIGN, a Research & Innovation Action project funded by HORIZON-JU-CBE-2022, represents a significant leap towards environmental sustainability. The project’s kick-off meeting found place in Bilbao in Spain on October 3rd and 4th, 2023.

By transforming everyday fresh meat packaging, a wide-spread multi-material product, into a fully bio-based, smart, and recyclable solution, the project will revolutionize the way millions interact with packaging materials.

Through innovative technologies and a thorough focus on energy, water, and chemical efficiency, REDYSIGN is reshaping the packaging landscape. By utilizing wood constituents and integrating food quality sensors, this project not only will ensure the integrity of the packaging, but will also facilitate easy recycling at conventional paper mills. This move towards bio-based materials not only reduces dependency on fossil fuels, but also minimizes the carbon footprint associated with traditional packaging methods. Moreover, REDYSIGN’s emphasis on recycling efficiency through specific identification markers and advanced oxidation treatments will be a game-changer. Accurate sorting of bio-contaminated products and environmentally friendly recycling processes significantly contribute to reducing waste and conserving resources.

In essence, REDYSIGN promotes the use of renewable resources, minimizing waste, and enhancing recycling efficiency, and will set a new standard for sustainable packaging solutions, paving the way for a greener, more eco-conscious future.

Contact person: Gary Chinga Carrasco