Prof. Kristin Syverud from RISE PFI and NTNU participated in two PhD defenses during week 46:

Opponent, PhD-defense at Tampere University: 

Prof. Syverud was opponent of Anne Skogberg’s PhD-thesis “Cellulose Nanofibres and Their Assembly for Biomedical and Material Science”. The PhD-defense took place at Tampere University in Finland, at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology, on November 17th, 2023. Prof. Pasi Kallio was the candidate’s supervisor.

We congratulate Anne Skogberg with a very well accomplished work and defense.


From left: Pasi Kallio (Tampere University), Anne Skogberg (Tampere University), Kristin Syverud (RISE PFI / NTNU)

Examination Committee, PhD-defense at Chalmers University of Technology

Prof. Syverud participated in the Examination Committee of Ehsan Hosseini’s PhD-thesis “Additive Driven Improvements in Interfacial Properties and Processing of Thermomechanical Pulp-Polymer Composites”. The PhD-defense took place at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, at the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, on November 14th, 2023. Prof. Anna Ström was supervisor and prof. Anette Larsson co-supervisor for the candidate.

We congratulate Ehsan Hosseini with a very well accomplished work and defense.

From left: Annette Larsson (Chalmers), Mark Hughes (Aalto), Reza Hosseinpourpia (Linnaeus University), Ehsan Hosseini (Chalmers), Narguess Nemati (Aarhus University), Kristin Syverud (RISE PFI / NTNU), Anna Ström (Chalmers), Gunnar Westman (Chalmers)

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