RISE PFI is an innovation partner in a new innovation project on microalgae production


The main objective of the MikroMat-project is to develop a process for cost-effective production of microalgae biomass, followed by downstream processing of the microalgae biomass into well-established market products and ingredients for food and feed. Today’s availability of nutritious food and feed ingredients is challenging due to the world’s growing population. Sustainable production of local food and feed ingredients is of high societal value, due to the need for reduced climate impact and improved self-supply.

The microalgae production process to be developed in this project will differ from existing production processes, in that pure CO2 from production of single-cell protein (SCP) will be used as an input factor in the production of microalgae. At the same time, the processes will be developed so that O2 produced by the microalgae can be returned to the fermentation process. Both processes (fermentation of sugars to SCP and microalgae production) will be integrated so that they can share infrastructure, system for nutrient supply (e.g., nitrate or ammonium), as well as energy resources, including electrical energy. The synergies between these two processes can lead to reduced process costs and a more environmentally friendly process for microalgae production, including reduced greenhouse gas emissions. The combined production of single-cell protein and microalgae can become an important contribution to the supply of high-quality proteins, antioxidants and fatty acids for food and feed. The MikroMat-project will provide knowledge on the extraction and utilization of microalgae biomass in the best possible way, both in terms of the environment and value creation.

  • Folvengaard AS is project owner 
  • R&D-partners are RISE PFI, NTNU (Department of engineering cybernetics), and Norwegian School of Economics.
  • Industry partners are BioSynTech AS and LGEM
  • The project is funded by Forskningsmidlene fra jordbruk og matindustri», and the companies participating in the project.

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