Processing of residual products from grain industry in Trøndelag

Trøndelag accounts for an estimated 15% of Norway’s total grain production (figures from 2015). Processing of this grain gives residual products, such as residues from grain mills and mesh from beer production, that currently are used for animal feed or combustion. However, they contain components that, when further processed, can become high-value products for use in food to provide texture and artificial sweetening, and in pharmaceutical products such as prebiotics.

In this project, a survey of raw material supply and market potential for components from grain-based residual streams will be carried out. In addition, process routes for further processing will be evaluated as a basis for further work towards new production and value creation in Trøndelag.

Residual products from grain

Research partners and funding:

Research partners



Trøndelag County Municipality

Project periode:  2022