Contact: Kai Toven

New technology for decentralized production of biocarbon based for growth media products.

Decarbonize will develop new technology for cost-effective production of a new sustainable growth media product which can replace peat-based growth media products on the market. The concept is based on nutrient-enriched biocarbon produced from residual raw materials from agriculture and the forest industry as an alternative structural element in the growth media products.

Standard Bio is the project owner for the Decarbonize project. Standard Bio is a green innovation company which develop process lines for production of biocarbon and biocarbon-based products. Through Decarbonize Standard Bio will develop technology for implementing production of new sustainable soil and growth medium qualities based on biocarbon in Norway.

Growth tests are carried out to evaluate product quality of the new peat-free and peat-reduced growth media. A new peat-free soil quality based on biocarbon has been developed, having superior product properties as compared to existing peat-based growth media products on the market.

The research activities in Decarbonize are led by RISE PFI.

Research partners and funding:

Research partners

Standard Bio AS is the project owner. The project is carried out in collaboration with RISE PFI, C. H. Evensen Industriovner AS, Felleskjøpet Agri, Nelson Garden, the University of Southeast Norway and SINTEF Industri


Decarbonize is partly funded by the Research Council of Norway, through the Agriculture and Food programme

Project periode: 2019-2022