Contact: Jost Ruwoldt

Green Wax Inhibitors and Production Chemicals based on Lignin

The project will develop wax inhibitors, with the potential for development of additional production chemicals, for Norway’s petroleum industry. Wax crystallization poses a major challenge for producers, particularly in cold, subsea environments. Key technological challenges will be addressed to modify and upgrade biopolymers, which will enable more sustainable treatment options and efficient production. In addition, the project could result in expanding the market for specific biorefinery byproducts, which would support the implementation of green technologies and aid in the expansion of the bioeconomy.

Green Wax Inhibitors



Journal Articles

Dudek, M., J. Ruwoldt, and G. Øye.  Characterization and assessment of wax and wax inhibitors systems in microfluidic oil-in-water coalescence experiments. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 2022. 636: p. 128186.


Research partners and funding:

Research partners

RISE PFI is project owner/coordinator. The project is involving  Norwegian industry partners  along the whole value chain of specialty chemicals for petroleum production.


Research Council of Norway, Industry Partners.

Project periode:  2021 – 2025