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Previous projects in Biorefining and bioenergy


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Cost-competitive pyrolysis oil based multicomponent fuel


Biorefineries for co-production of high value materials and bio-energy


Norwegian biorefinery Laboratory


Ash Value

Innovative use of bio-ashes from wood combustion


Development of a new products and new and cost effective biorefinery processes


Innovations in Bioethanol Production Technologies (SusBioFuel)

Biorefinery Mid-Scandinavia

To facilitate sustainable growth in «the Nordic Green Belt region»

iWood – intelligent wood processing

Production of virgin fibre based wood fibre insulation products

Fuel-etanol from Nordic Wood

New, innovative pretreatment of Nordic wood for fuel-ethanol production

2nd generation liquid biofuel

Cost-effective production of 2nd generation liquid biofuel


Bio-oil components as a basis for a biorefinery, producing green chemicals, transportation fuels and energy


Profitable bioenergy and paper production



Lignocellulosics as a basis for second generation biofuels and the future biorefinery

RISE PFI is part of RISE – Research Institutes of Sweden

RISE PFI is an internationally acknowledged research institute within processes an products based on lignocellulose . RISE PFI´s focus areas are bioenergy and biorefining, fibre technology and applications, nano cellulose and carbohydrate polymers and biocomposites.



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