A new generation beverage carton

The goal of the NEPP project is to develop and demonstrate a new generation beverage carton, and the processes needed to produce it. The beverage carton will have significant improvements in terms of environmental impact and recyclability.

By developing, producing and offering cartons with positive step changes in environmental impact and recyclability, Elopak will meet society’s and consumers’ demand for more environmentally friendly beverage containers.

New generation beverage carton

Pure-Pak® drikkekartong

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Last meeting in the NEPP project

Our efforts at RISE PFI and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden are contributing to develop sustainable innovative products with clear...



Journal Articles

Sandra Rodríguez-Fabià, Gary Chinga-Carrasco. Effects of a poly(hydroxyalkanoate) elastomer and kraft pulp fibres on biocomposite properties and three-dimensional (3D) printability of filaments for fused deposition modelling,



Sandra Rodríguez-Fabià and Gary Chinga-Carrasco, “The effects of biocomposite formulations on the mechanical properties and 3D printability of filaments for fused deposition modelling”, CIADICYP 2022 Iberoamerican Congress on Pulp and Paper Research, Biocomposite session, June 28th – July 1st, Girona, Spain.

Research partners and funding:

Research partners

The project is a collaboration between Elopak (project owner) and RISE PFI (R&D provider).


The project is partly funded by the Research Council of Norway.

Project period: 2020 – 2022